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A combination of loving to cook and having children with allergies created the spark that started The Soap Our daughters, then children, were allergic to certain ingredients found in big name soaps, so we began experimenting using only the simplest, purest ingredients that would be kinder to young, sensitive skin. Pure Castile Soap was our first accomplishment. It remains the number one soap pure and gentle enough for babies’ skin. As our children grew, their needs for all natural products increased. We expanded our creations to include hand and body creams, lip balms, and a variety of soaps.                                                                                     
Over these past 30 years our soap and body care collection has expanded considerably, we still use 100% natural ingredients.  All of our items are still made from scratch using a combination of raw materials such as vegetable oils, nut butters, herbs, essential oils blended together using our own original recipes. All our items are handmade, hand poured and hand wrapped. No animal fats are used.


We are now proud to bring our collection to you. 

Skin cleansing bars you buy at the grocery store are called “soap;” but the fact is, they’re anything but “soap.”
Note: Our Handmade Soaps are authentic. They’re made from natural ingredients, saponified to try and create a variety of products to address people’s needs. All of our recipes for all of our products are original and there is nothing harmful added to produce them.

Do you know what Glycerin is?  Glycerin is an emollient that softens the skin. It also attracts moisture to the skin eliminating that dried out feeling. Glycerin is not added to a homemade bar of soap; it is actually created during the soap making process. Note:  Our Handmade Soap retains all of its own natural glycerin giving you a richly lavish bar of soap. Glycerin is extracted from most commercial soaps, because of its value, and reserved for use in other higher priced beauty products. What remains is simply detergent. 

All of our products are handmade, hand poured and hand wrapped with care. There are no animal fats used. There is no animal testing. 

It is with pride that we offer an ever-increasing menu of products. So if you feel that variety is the spice of life, we encourage you to give us a try. It is our pleasure to produce for you, items to make your life feel a bit more beautiful.

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